Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zombies make things epic
Take this song. Without the video, it would be just a decent song. With the video, I remembered it from when I first saw it like three years ago.
If normal zombies aren't good enough, make them soviet zombies.
Not fully sure where I was going with this, but watch the video anyway. It is amazing.


  1. you are right. Zombies make everything epic

  2. I am right. Zombies make everything epic.
    But then, so do Vikings and Nazis. The ultimate movie would have Nazi Zombies from the future travel back in time and have a massive battle with a bunch of vikings with big beards and axes. At the end of the battle, only one viking dude would be left, then all the vikings who died would re-animate and the viking guy would turn into a massive fire-breathing hedgehog and win.

  3. That actually sounds like the kind of movie some shitty little company would do

  4. zombie's do make everything epic including a field of flowers, just needs the right music.