Thursday, March 10, 2011

Classrooms are full of distractions.

I'm just going to rant a little bit, it may be disjointed and not make much sense.
You have been warned.

One of the many annoying things in classrooms (this is by no means the most annoying, merely the first thing I have thought of) is the retard who doesn't bring a pen. There is almost always at least one. And what I think is this - WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU HAVE A PEN? YOU'RE GOING TO SCHOOL, IT'S USED IN PRACTICALLY EVERY CLASS AND YOU ARE TOO FUCKING THICK TO BRING ONE PEN. That is just pathetic. Example: Today, in Aghort, some grotesque, short, fat brown bitch with a flattish, wide nose and puffy lips swaggers past, noisily chewing gum opening her mouth with each chew, breathing heavily, wearing black tights that end above the ankle which display her fat arse for all who do not wish to see, stops in front of the bench the teacher is behind, and says loudly in her disgusting, obnoxious maori or pacific islander accent "sir, can I have a pen?" to which the teacher replies "Sure, if I can find one," and starts rummaging in an ice cream container filled with miscellaneous pieces of stationary. He locates a pencil, takes it out, and hands it over to the bitch, and says "here you go, you may have to sharpen it a bit." The bitch takes one look at it before carelessly flinging it back onto the bench, and then slowly makes her way back to where she was sitting with her disgusting fat friends. They then launch into a loud barely understandable conversation, emitting frequent shrieks of laughter.

Next is the blonde girl sitting next to me, who every two minutes takes out her phone and starts texting extremely rapidly, the clicks going on solid for about a minute, then, satisfied, she sends the text and puts the phone away. While this is certainly less annoying than the previously mentioned thing, it is still rather distracting and is definitely worth noting. I am at a loss as to why anybody needs to do that so frequently.

That's all I can be bothered writing about now, I'm going to join Quantum Banana on minecraft.

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