Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Instant Messaging

When I see the message down the bottom of the window saying "_____ is typing a message"
I eagerly wait while staring at the window in suspense.
And then nothing arrives
I feel thoroughly disappointed.
I feel myself falling
Down into a pit of misery
With scorpions in it.

I think to myself "Why?"
"Why would you do this to me?"
"Why would you hurt my feelings in such a brutal, unforgivable manner?"

And I then remind myself
"You probably accidentally left a bit of punctuation in the text field"
And I feel better
Like a sudden ray of sunshine
Bursting through a heavily clouded sky.

*I am probably too bored if I can think up things like this. It was all on the spot, actually typed while talking to Quantum Banana on Steam. I added the line breaks afterwards.


  1. haha same thing always happens to me to

  2. I'm glad you can see past the silliness and hyperbole and grasp the root of the issue.