Friday, February 4, 2011

PS2 Won't Die

I recently read over on Kotaku that the PS2 isn't dead yet and for an eleven year old console, I suppose that's quite an achievement. I have to wonder though, why games are still being made for it and why people still buy these games, the console is the graphical equivalent of a Wii (correct me if I'm wrong) and alot of the games on the PS2 can be either played on an older version of the PS3 or with a PS2 emulator on the PC. The console costs around $100 (NZD) and the games are around $20 (again in NZD), I suppose the really cheap price could be a major reason it still sells.
I personally think that the PS2 should be finally put to rest so the world can move onto bigger and better games.


  1. I personally think that as the technology to create games and play them on gets more advanced, games have to rely on great gameplay and story less than they used to. This means games look like diamonds, but turn out to be glass. I'm not saying that diamonds are no longer produced, it's just much rarer to find a game that can entertain you for as long as something like Morrowind entertained me.

  2. The Wii has better graphics capabilities, but most the games made for it aren't exactly putting any effort in. Nintendo is cash hungry corporation, quality isn't that important to them.
    The older ps3 with backwards compatibility is an absolute nightmare to find as most of them have YLOD'd, and tend to break pretty damn fast. ps2 emulators are buggy, and can only play really major titles efficiently.
    Also, it's so easy to continue designing for it, as it has a similar running thingy to the PSP, so ports between the two are simple to make.

  3. If any console should die, it should be Xbox. Actually, the original already has, but I mean the 360, not because it's a bad piece of hardware (still not as good as ps3 though), but because I hate them for no reason I can be bothered to explain right now.

  4. I saw that. PS2 is when I switched over from Nintendo. For GTA. I've got backwards playability or retrocredits or whatever on my PS3, so I can still rock the old games.