Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I saw a hedgehog today. Did you know hedgehogs eat cat biscuits? Here is a haiku on hedgehogs eating cat buiscits:
Hedgehogs like buiscuts
Intended for consumption
By cats not hedgehogs.

It is not a very good haiku.


  1. Is there something like a good haiku? Never heard one

  2. Very true. I was trying to... Capture the essence of blogging, get in the blogger mind set. To put it bluntly, I was trying to seem like an idiot.

  3. It is better than some of the things I read over the day. Keep beeing what you like and not how others want you to be

  4. Holy shit. Someone actually managed to write something than a really bad haiku about hedgehogs and cat biscuits? I made that up in about 20 seconds. And it was intended to be horrible and possibly cringe inducing.

  5. I really enjoyed it. I want to make an embroidery of it, and hang it above my bed.